Friday, October 19, 2007

10 ways to build your credibility

Your weekend reading comes from Toronto-based marketer extraordinaire Michael Hepworth, the "Streetsmart Marketer," whose newsletter today offers 10 ways to establish greater credibility with your prospects:

· Educate them on how to buy your product of service. Help customers understand what their buying criteria should be.
· Tell the truth. Trust will grow and so will your business.
· Be sincere. Sincerity is being believable and presenting the facts in a way prospects understand.
· Use specifics. Precise numbers and details are more believable than generalities.
· Reverse the risk. Offer a guarantee.
· Provide testimonials. Few people like to be the first to use a product or service.
· Establish yourself as an authority. Write and speak on your specialty.
· Support your sales with editorial and articles. PR is important in building your credibility.
· Tell prospects why. If you are offering a discount or a special deal, give a reason for it.
· Point out a non-fatal flaw in your product. This gives special promotions more credibility.

There's lots more in the original article, which you can read here.

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Anonymous said...

Another way to help you gain rapport with your customers is to have a favorite customer in mind whenever you write anything at all about your product. You will find yourself smiling and feeling very successful and that will come across in your writing.