Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Best-Ever Entrepreneurship Quotes: Week 53

And so we kick off Year 2 of our weekly series of powerful, motivational quotes, specially selected to inspire and motivate you in your business.

This week, a visionary contemporary quotation attributed not to a single individual, but to one of the three founders of the New York-based Blue Man Group:

“We are all competing against mediocrity.”
Stated by one of Chris Wink, Matt Goldman or Phil Stanton, founders of the Blue Man theatrical troupe – the silent, endearing show which became a successful growth business once the three founders stepped back from regular appearances on the stage and delegated the on-stage work. That left them free to explore new strategies and opportunities.

The quote was originally cited by Anita Campbell, editor of the Small Business Trends blog.

She blogged last November about a small business conference in New York and the 10 Best Bits of Wisdom she picked up from the speakers.

Here’s Anita’s take on the meaning of today’s quote:
“Instead of focusing on the competition, strive for a higher level of creativity. To create a great business, create something extraordinary – instead of falling into a rut and settling for average.”

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