Friday, November 02, 2007

40,000th Visitor!

Today's a special day at Canadian Entrepreneur. This blog just recorded its 40,000th visitor.

Sure, it's taken 2 2/3 years to get here, but half of these vistors have arrived since we celebrated our 20,000th visitor at the end of February. We're now averaging well over 100 visitors a day, with October traffic up 20% over September, so things have really taken off.

40,000 doesn't mean much compared to the circulation, say, of my columns in the Monday Financial Post. But the connection on a blog is much deeper and more direct. Basic web conventions like embedded links allow you to learn more about the subject of most posts if you wish - while the "Comment" button makes it's easy for you to provide feedback or ask further questions. For comparison, most of my magazine columns - which reach 100,000 people or more - attract no feedback, whereas this blog's 40,000 visitors have contributed scores of comments over the years.

That's called "dialogue," and it's why the Web will edge out print publishing in the end.

Our 40,000th visitor comes from British Columbia. Fittingly, he or she is an employee or associate of a longtime PROFIT 100 firm, one of Canada's Fastest-Growing Companies. (I won't identify the firm, because it's spooky enough that web analytics allow me to know this much.)

Thanks to everyone for visiting and contributing to Canadian Entrepeneur.


Margaret said...


Unknown said...

Congratulations! 40,000 may not be that great now but surely there is no other way but up.

Good luck.

Ismael Tabije

Gary Edward Johnston said...

Nice blog!

Am I really number 40,001?


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Gillian said...

Hey CONGRATS! Keep in mind that the number does NOT include people like me who generally read it in my blog reader.