Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Who are the Top 11 Business blogs?

A while back I mentioned the list of Top 100 Business Blogs compiled by John Crickett, a UK-based consultant and entrepreneur.

It occurred to me that you might want to see what’s going on at some of the best business blogs in the world (not just at No. 87 here). So here is John’s Top 11 blog list (that's 11 and not the usual 10 because a Canadian blog placed 11th).

Business Opportunities Weblog T: 12 A: 16,213
Copy Blogger T: 36 A: 7,825
Seth Godin T: 47 A: 10,314
MicroPersuasion T: 169 A: 33,643
How To Change The World T: 180 A: 14,709
Duct Tape Marketing T: 215 A: 31,714
Freelance Switch T: 312 A: 10,638
A VC T: 1,226 A: 27,737
Rough Type T: 1,253 A: 69,429
Successful Blog T: 1,432 A: 44,935
Small Business Canada T: 1,517 A: N/A

The numbers refer to the blogs’ Technorati rankings (T), which were used to rank the top 100. The “A” score is the blog’s Alexa ranking. If you don't know what any of that means, don't worry.

Click to check out the rest of John’s Top 100 Business Blogs list.

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