Sunday, June 08, 2008

Business Blunders, Management Mistakes

I’m pleased to announce a new blog in the family.

You may already know that in addition to Canadian Entrepreneur, I also write a blog called Selling to Small Business (recently redesigned for your enjoyment).

This week I am launching a third blog, New Management Welcome. As forecast in a post on Canadian Entrepreneur three months ago, New Management Welcome is a light-hearted look at typical business blunders and bad decisions – any one of which could prompt the exclamation, “New Management Welcome.”

The inspiration for the title came from an actual restaurant sign I spotted in March. It just seemed the right title for a blog that looks at what happens when management drops the ball.

Among the early posts you’ll find on the new blog are an airline website that misses the mark, the waitress that got laid off after shaving her head for charity, and actual video of an employee going berserk.

You’ll want to bookmark the site and return often. There’ll be a new business lesson in every post.

Click here for a warm Welcome.

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