Thursday, June 26, 2008

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I got had the hugest compliment the other day when a friend told me that his son buys the Financial Post every Monday just to read my column. What makes this especially cool is that the son, a business professor, didn’t know his father and I are friends.

On the other hand, many contacts have told me they already read two newspapers a day. While they would like to read my "Growth Curve" column, they just can't bring themselves to buy another paper.

So I’m starting a handy new service.
Every week I will send out an e-mail with the link to my latest column at National, which is usually posted every Monday morning. That way, anyone can read my column each week, without having to remind themselves to go looking for it.

If you would like to receive your weekly RickAlert, send me an email. I’m rick (-at-)

(Of course, your email address will be known only to me, and will never be sold, rented or otherwise abused.)


Anonymous said...

Hey Rick,
How does the publisher of the Financial Post feel about this arrangement? I work in both the newspaper business and the on line media as well and find publishers are downright paranoid about every set of eyeballs dragged on line and away from their printed and heavily advertised upon pages. Hope the website with you column is heavily monetized.

Rick Spence said...

Good question. I didn't actually ask him, but I did give your question some thought before doing this. Since none of the people on the Alert List so far are, as far as I know, regular readers of the Post, these are new eyeballs to the website.
Once they're there, hopefully they will see lots of other good stuff that will entice them to stay longer, or return sooner.
I just bring them in; it's up to the Post to monetize them.