Wednesday, June 11, 2008

More on the PROFIT 100

If you want more information on PROFIT Magazine's new list of Canada's Fastest-Growing Companies (see previous post), here are the most likely links.

Click here for the "overview" story that explains what the PROFIT 100 is and what it means.

Click here for the PROFIT 100 rankings.

Here are the listings on a handy downloadable Excel spreadsheet.

Here's the profile of the No. 1 company. I was pleased to be asked to write it.

Here's Cam Cornell's story on P100 best management practices. Lots of great ideas you can borrow.

And here is the Next 100 - Canada's Fastest-Growing Companies, #101-200.

The magazine includes some enlightening interviews with past PROFIT 100 entrepreneurs, in celebration of the PROFIT 100's 20th anniversary. I'll let you know when they post that. (Or you can buy it on the newsstand in handy paper form.)

The issue also includes editor Ian Portsmouth's editorial grumbling about the year that PROFIT ranked 300 companies. So it wasn't one of my better ideas...

But it was 2000. That's the sort of thing people did back then.

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