Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Four Years Old

I just missed the big anniversary; on Sunday, Feb. 1, this blog turned four years old!

If it were a child, this blog would be starting school, learning to skate, and constantly being warned to look both ways and never talk to strangers.

(Good thing it's just a blog.)

In those four years there have been 800 posts. I'm a little less chatty than I used to be: looking at the first year, I see I used to tell jokes (usually with some sort of business slant), and I spent more time looking at wacky companies and even test-driving high-tech equipment. I even wrote a short post about the sheer wonder of having (gasp!) high-speed Internet in my hotel room!

Ah, the sweet days of youth, that shall not come again.

Here's a sample of 2005 content: my favourite joke, which contains an instructive warning against making assumptions about other people:
(Warning: may be offensive to four-year-olds.)

A little girl walked into a pet shop and asked,"Excuse me, do you have any rabbits here?"

"I do," the clerk answered, and leaned down to her eye level. "Did you want a white rabbit or would you rather have a soft, fuzzy black rabbit?"

The little girl shrugged. "I don't think my python really cares."

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