Friday, February 13, 2009

Learning from Obama

This seems to be USA Week here at Canadian Entrepreneur. So to honour next week's visit to Canada by President Barack Obama, one more America-themed post...

The Financial Post's Executive Blog recently posted included a freelance article by a Ryerson University business student, Greg Murray, on "What Barack Obama Taught Me About Business." Murray's list of lessons featured some terrific observations.

* Establish a clear and simple brand identity, then stick to it. "The Obama campaign was always about change."

* Manage your employees through metrics. "The Obama campaign amassed a payroll of 5000 employees with a volunteer base in the millions. Each employee and volunteer had metrics to meet. Whether it was a field organizer assigned a set amount of volunteers to recruit, or a fundraiser delegated a certain amount of money to raise, everyone knew their goals and their role in the organization."

* Stay one step ahead of your competition. "David Plouffe has repeatedly stated that Obama is president today because of their state-by-state strategy during the primaries. They were usually one state ahead of the Clinton campaign."

* Keep your customers' expectations in check.
Well, three out of four isn't bad.

You can read the full story here.

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Anonymous said...

Obama has show his talent and capability to lead us