Thursday, April 30, 2009

Change or Die

Speaking to the Business and Professional Women’s Group in Oshawa yesterday, I met a woman who works for a funeral home that is offering scrapbooking classes. And another woman who works at a cemetery that offers a power-walking course.

How appropriate! My Financial Post column this week looked at the changing funeral sector, and how the attitudes of funeral directors must change if they are going to survive the big consumer shift away from burials and church funerals toward cremation and “celebrations of life.” And now I was meeting people who embody this changing market approach.

Attitudes are changing, but slowly. According to funeral directors I have spoken to, staff training, marketing and promotion are still foreign to many businesses in this profession. But I have never met a sector with so much opportunity if they can just learn to think "outside the box."

(I am pleased to say I avoided using that pun in my article.)


“Today, sales people in all industries are trying to position themselves as trusted advisors. Insurance agents, financial planners and sellers of computer systems all want to be known for their ability to provide valuable counsel. But funeral professionals are already recognized experts. They provide a clear mind and strong shoulder for mourning families. And this is their moment to step up.”

You can read the full story here.

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