Friday, April 17, 2009


Two signed watercolours by Adolf Hitler are set to be sold this month at auction in Nuremberg, Germany.

It makes you wonder.

Hitler had more influence on the 20th century than any other world leader, possibly any individual. Yet none of his political/military legacy endures. All the great buildings, monuments, war machines and grand plans: all are dust, save a few high-speed autobahns.

Yet these watercolours of farm buildings survive. So far removed from his malice and hatred, and all that he strived to build. These simple pictures remain.

Makes you wonder, doesn't it? What legacy will you leave to the world? What part of you will survive?

Business can be sold or lost, assets dispersed, good intentions forgotten. What will be your legacy?


Jacoline Loewen said...

Quite something.
Legacy is a powerful way to think. Hmmm, maybe I will go and paint some country scenes this weekend...

Tutor Melbourne said...

As someone who has judged these presentations I believe that you start with what the product is and why is it needed. Then move to why they will choose you over the competition.

Vancityguy said...

Citing art work by Adolf Hitler in a thought-piece about the unpredictability about legacy?

Does the holocaust come to mind?

I love your blog, but this was a strange choice for your entrepreneurial focus. Maybe you should think about leaving comparisons of businesses, legacy and war criminals alone.