Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Happy Birthday, Five-Year-Old!

This week marks the fifth anniversary of Canadian Entrepreneur. Thank you for supporting this blog over the years.

We're still in growth mode. Traffic last month was up almost 100% over January 2009. Coincidentally, yesterday also produced our highest traffic ever (other than the day in 2008 when I won the CBC show “Test the Nation”). We had over 200 visitors yesterday, not counting those who follow this blog using their preferred website readers.

So, now that we have been dating for five years, it’s time to kick things up to the next level. This site needs more feedback!

From now on, every post on Canadian Entrepreneur will ask you to comment. And this time, the person with the best comment of the quarter will receive a free copy of my book, Secrets of Success from Canada's Fastest-Growing Companies. The current quarter will end on April 30, 2010, so get your comments in!

Because as I said way back in my very first post, business is a team sport.

And as one more salute to our fifth anniversary, Canadian Entrepreneur is bringing back the most popular feature of this blog, from away back in 2007: our Quote of the Week. These “Best Entrepreneurial Quotes” will move you, bring a smile to your face, and inspire you to achieve even more.

The future starts now!

P.S.: Please feel free to leave a comment telling us how Canadian Entrepreneur has helped you. You could win a free out-of-print book!

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