Friday, February 19, 2010

Putting the Customer First

My column in this week’s Financial Post picks up on a theme that has been emerging in my work over the past year: the growing need for companies to become “customer-first” organizations.

By putting customers’ needs ahead of your own, your organization can build deeper relationships with your best clients and greater trust. And technology has come along just in time to make sure you can do that in powerful new and cost-effective ways.

Excerpt: “For years, businesses have talked about getting closer to their customers. That's not enough: You have to put them first. Customers like being in charge and prefer to do business with companies that make them feel like they are.”

The column explores the strategies a few companies – from small businesses to Bank of Montreal – are using to put their customers first. And it ends with a request for readers to write back with examples of what they are doing to put customers at the centre of their business. I hope you will take the opportunity to write in, too. Or leave a comment below.

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