Friday, April 16, 2010

My new Twitter feed: @CustomerFirst

For some time I've been collecting my thoughts and doing writing and speaking on the subject of getting closer to your customers. To be more precise, getting them to fall in love with you (in the words of the very wise Saul Colt).
Or as I call it, "Putting the Customer First."

To further explore this issue, I am pleased to announce the launch of a new Twitter feed at

I’ll be tweeting several times a week with new observations, links and stories about building your business around your customers – which will probably be the key business challenge of the decade.

If this interests you (and I hope it does), please sign on into Twitter and click on the “Follow” button at @CustomerFirst.

If you don't already have a Twitter account, I urge you to consider joining. It’s free, easy and fast. And you never have to write anything ("No Tweets for  you!”) if you don't wish to. Twitter offers plenty of value just in giving you multiple opportunities to read the thoughts, experiences and stories of people you're interested in – whether it’s friends and family members, celebrities, business experts or thought leaders.

It's like I hear their voices in my head - and I find it it informative, stimulating and inspiring.

A few sample Tweets to get you started:
* Love this core value from LuluLemon: “Our customers want to buy our product again.” How might that idea affect your thinking? Your staff's?

* Since start of the recession, almost every business I know wants to get “closer” to the customer. But very few have a clue how to do that

* Use data to get closer to clients

* Customer Service still matters! Read "Fed Up With the Web, Travellers Are Logging Off"

* Retweet From Feb. Post column: "It's your ability to earn and maintain customer trust that gives your employees a job and your business a future"

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