Tuesday, July 06, 2010

CBC News is looking for startup blogger

A few days ago, I mentioned how PROFIT Magazine is looking for Canada’s hottest startups. (hurry! Deadline is this week!)

Now CBC News is looking for Canada’s newest startups. They want to find a startup entrepreneur who is willing to blog about his or her experience, as part of a feature leading up to Small Business Week in October.

Sounds like a good opportunity to me. Write online about your startup experiences and frustrations, and get a built-in national audience. For the right company, the PR value could be unlimited.

It also sounds like they are looking for iconic, Main Street-type businesses - not the exotic sort of high-flying tech companies that usually hog the news.

Here’s the deal, as announced here.

Entrepreneurs: Are you getting ready to start your own business?
From the first rumblings of an idea or the labour of love that keeps you up through the night, to the nervous anticipation of finally opening the doors to your own store, the journey of starting a small business can be both frightening and exhilarating.

But the experiences of entrepreneurs can also be inspiring to others looking to take the path less travelled.

So in anticipation of Small Business Week in Canada, CBC News Your Voice is looking for a Canadian to share the journey with us. We want you to share the process with other readers, relating everything from registering your GST number to looking for the perfect storefront. It's an opportunity to share fears, pitfalls and triumphs.

If you're starting your own small business and are interested in blogging for CBC News "Your Voice", send a description of yourself, the business you're starting and why your experriences would make a great story to: yournews@cbc.ca . Use the subject line "small business week".

It’s always great when a national institution like the CBC shows an interest in small business. And marketing opportunities like this don't come along every day. Give it your best shot!


Gloria Hildebrandt said...

This sounds like a great opportunity, but I am just too busy working on my new business to have the time to document it all. I even have my own blog to manage. Sometimes you have to choose between living your life or observing your life. I have very little time to observe it these days.

Rick Spence said...

Yet researchers have found a correlation between journalling and personal success. Maybe we shouldn't distinguish between lving a life and observing it.

As Socrates might point out, "The unexamined life is not worth living."