Wednesday, July 14, 2010

How to bolster your business this summer

Oops. The weather was so nice I never got around to posting my column in last week’s Financial Post.

Which is pretty ironic, since the topic of last week’s column was the work you could be doing this summer (while your rivals are napping in the sun) to get the jump on the competition this fall.

Here are seven summer jobs you should put on your to-do list:

* Take staff out to lunch. Find out what's bugging them, and how you can help them get more done.

* Invite clients to your picnics, barbecues and other events. While everyone has more time on their hands, snuggle closer to your customers.

* Learn some new skills this summer. Remember what summers were like when you were a kid? You learned more new skills than you ever did in school.

* Figure out Twitter. (Or PowerPoint, Facebook or Excel.)

* Launch a strategic-planning push. How are your markets changing? What new benefits do customers want from you, and what are they telling you to stop doing?

* Plan a summer romance. Surely there some customers you have always coveted. It's never too late to kindle new relationships.

* Review the effectiveness of your team.

* Identify your likely staff requirements for the year. What skills will you need, and where will you find them?

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