Monday, July 12, 2010

Win Your Marketing Department For A Year!

Here's news of another great marketing opportunity for one lucky business...

Will you be the lucky company? It's your last chance to enter Toronto-based Mezzanine Group’s ‘Win Your Marketing Department For A Year’ contest. Application deadline is July 16th – apply now!

Mezzanine Group’s ‘Win Your Marketing Department’ contest aims to help one Canadian firm achieve significantly greater success. Too often, companies that are great at product development, customer service, and even sales just aren't that great at marketing.

Outsourced marketing is a way for them to get marketing expertise and implementation, without a big price tag.

The Mezzanine Group will award one Canadian company $75,000 in outsourced marketing services. The winning firm will receive a marketing strategy, a 12-month marketing plan and a dedicated part-time Outsourced Marketing Director to implement this plan.

All Canadian-owned businesses are eligible to win. Visit for full contest details and to apply.

The application form includes two questions: Why do you want to win your marketing department? What would better marketing help you achieve?

I suspect they are looking for a company that has a tremendous product and a reasonable understanding of what marketing can and can't do for a great product. The more you understand what marketing can do for you, I suspect, the stronger a candidate you are likely to be.

(Full disclosure: I am one of the judges in this process. But I am not involved in the initial sort, so this is merely guesswork on my part rather than inside information.)

Application deadline: Midnight July 16, 2010

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