Saturday, January 14, 2012

Avengers fighting X-Men? Why you should care

Looking for new marketing ideas? Here’s are some ideas you could derive from Marvel Comics and its upcoming superhero, “Avengers vs. X-Men.”

In a recent blogpost for the National Post, I wrote about how Marvel is preparing to cash in on its blockbuster movie release in April, The Avengers. Comics are big business, and their marketing has become very sophisticated.

Coolest of all, Marvel is asking retailers to become personally involved. By declaring support for either the Avengers or the X-Men, retailers will receive appropriate promotional materials for decorating their stores based on the team they choose.

Here are a few of the promotional ideas you might consider based on Marvel's mighty marketing:

* Plan a special promotional “event” that highlights the best features of your family of products. (How can you combine your most popular products or services, or even pit them against each other, to create excitement or market tension?);

* Prepare well in advance;

* Develop more eye-catching promotional materials that appeals to customers’ passions as well as their basic needs;

* Offer product samples and previews to selected audiences to create market buzz;

* Encourage retailer or distributors to take sides with your products: how could you include them in your launch and related events? How could your promotion help them develop tighter relationships with their customers?

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