Saturday, January 14, 2012

How to make your company more intrapreneurial

Thirty years ago this year, companies started talking seriously about adopting more entrepreneurial traits in order to promote innovation and flexibility. Few succeeded.

But now I'm perceiving growing interest in intrapreneurship. In my latest column in the National Post, I ponder what this means, and offer a few tactics (from a recent book on the subject) for those interested in making their organizations more nimble, creative and successful.
Here's an excerpt: "When putting together entrepreneurial teams, make sure they have the right leadership; if necessary, bring in experienced outsiders or advisors. Understand that a promising initiative may require special recruitment and compensation practices, even if it drives the HR department crazy."

Bonus Reading: Here's an article I just found that offers insightful advice on preventing your company from becoming too rigid as it grows: Claudio Feser on "7 Secrets of Serial Innovators." You can read it at

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