Thursday, January 05, 2012

Your Secret Weapon: Clarity

"Duct Tape Marketing" guru John Jantsch has posted a powerful article on his blog about the importance of "clarity" in business.

Clarity, he says, "is that strong and unwavering sense that our daily choices are grounded in an authentic sense of purpose... Without clarity everything we do is either an attempt to gain it or a stab at the hope that we are moving in the right direction."

Jantsch says every business, including his own, struggles to define clarity and execute on that perfect vision. "Until we are really clear and inspired by why we do what we do, whom we do it for and how to do it with complete and utter honesty – little else matters."

Clarity helps you focus on your core capabilities and passions, and squash nagging essentials that don't maximize your experience and resources. It makes leadership easier and helps clients buy.

Ironically, Jantsch stugles to define exactly what he means by clarity. But here are some of his examples of how it looks in action:
  • Clarity is turning purpose to profit
  • Clarity is leading with stories
  • Clarity is meeting the whole person
  • Clarity is amplifying without hype
  • Clarity is doing more with less
  • Clarity is anticipating needs
  • Clarity is measuring one perfect thing
  • Clarity is a potent brand promise
Read the full article (and the many enlightening comments that follow) at

I particularly like the comment that addresses just how hard clarity is to achieve. As the commenter writes: "The 'fog of war' has nothing on the 'fog of business'."

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