Sunday, May 01, 2005

Death on the Net

This story is way too funny not to share. It may even be true.

Seems there was this maladjusted hacker who was annoying people in an IRC chat room. When the moderator threatened to bounce him, the hacker asked for the moderator’s IP address – so he could send a virus to his machine.

After receiving repeated insults, the moderator finally gave him an IP address – the hacker’s own ID. The hacker gleefully started attacking the computer at that address. He kept chatting the whole time, giving a blow-by-blow account as he slowly disabled its various drives, including – finally – his own hard drive. And that’s the last anyone ever heard of “bitchchecker.”

It’s sort of like the Wicked Witch of the West’s slow, painful “I’m mellltttinnggg,” but without the self-awareness.

Clive Thompson has a good summary of the story, and an edited version of the strangely morbid chat transcript. (Look for his post on April 29).

You can read a longer, albeit more confusing, version here.

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