Tuesday, May 10, 2005

We interrupt this blog ...

We interrupt this blog to recommend your summer vacation.

Working hard this morning, my thoughts turned to a fabulous family vacation my family took two summers ago to the north shore of the St. Lawrence River, far east of Quebec City, where few anglos tend to venture. It's a great getaway.

We loved the coastal highway and low rough mountains, combing the tidal beaches (hundreds of miles from the sea), whale watching (we even spotted one from our hotel room), wading through waterfalls, and buying fresh bleuets at the side of the road (and wait’ll you taste the monks’ chocolate-covered blueberries, bien sur!).

There’s art and culture, a boat-building museum, a real fjord, covered bridges and beautiful waterside villages to which time has been very kind.

For many English-speaking Canadians, Quebec is a political concept, an issue more than a real place. When you drive its back roads and follow its oldest highway, the St. Lawrence, you realize it's part of our shared experience on this continent - - part of us, as we are part of it. And we are all richer for this shared heritage.

If you’re looking for a summer adventure, head to the Saguenay.
Majestic, wild and quiet. Just one long day’s drive from Etobicoke.

Voici des photos touristiques:

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