Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Space – the final business frontier

That’s the title of my little story on the business ramifications of space travel, which was just published at

It was originally supposed to run with a story on Top 10 Business Trends, as explained below, but there just wasn’t room for all seven. Space travel was cut (and just now posted online separately) because the immediate ramifications and opportunities weren’t apparent enough. Long term, though, I think space will be incredibly influential.

With the private sector (think Paul Allen of Microsoft fame, Richard Branson, even Jeff Bezos from muscling into space flight, launches into suborbital space will become everyday affairs. Soon the well-heeled will be travelling from New York to Tokyo in an hour or two. (On some days, the baggage lineup will be the longest part of the trip.) And the cost of doing science in zero gravity will fall through the floor (so to speak), which could result in huge breakthroughs in biotech, materials sciences, etc.

Plus, I have no doubt it will change our whole concept of what it means to be human.

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