Tuesday, May 17, 2005

His So-Called Blog

I have mixed feelings about promoting the following blog.

On the one hand, it’s got a lot of good information about venture capital, which is a constant source of interest for many entrepreneurs.

On the other hand, it’s a Bad Blog. It takes prepackaged information and hands it out in daily doses, replicating the structure of a blog, but not its purpose or heart. There seems nothing personal in this site, or spontaneous. It’s one of those blogs that exists just to market the guy’s service.

Given that caveat, however, people interested in the process of acquiring venture capital – how to find VCs, how to woo ’em, what legal processes to expect – wil find much to like in the “blog” of Toronto VC Evan Carmichael.

He posts about issues such as:
How Venture Capitalists Structure Their Investments
Who To Approach For Funding
What Happens After the Due Diligence Process
Getting Startup Financing
What the Venture Capitalist Due Diligence Process Looks Like
Getting In To See a Venture Capitalist

In my experience, most entrepreneurs need to be much better informed and prepared when they go see a VC. So here’s the place to go first.


Just don't tell 'em I sent you.

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Josh Kerbel said...


The sad fact is that many blogs are simply reformatted marketing material.

Unless you put some personality behind it, there is no difference between a blog and a standard corporate website.

A blog should be a place for "Mind Farts" (I am currently trade marking this term), not marketing and PR fluff