Monday, January 02, 2006

Jump-start your year!

My friend Kelley Robertson, the sales trainer and author in Oakville, Ont,. hits the nail on the head today in an e-newsletter challenging us to jump-start our results this year.

He offers a three-step formula for success:

Step 1: "Review your accomplishments," says Kelley. "I believe it is crucial to pat yourself on the back for a job well done and to take some time to reflect on what you accomplished in the preceding 12 months. Far too often we focus on what we didn’t achieve instead of the victories we won."

Step 2: "Set goals for the upcoming year. Rather than leaving your results to chance, establish clear and challenging goals for yourself. Make sure they are specific, motivational, action-oriented, relevant to your situation, and time-bound."

(That's the SMART forumla, for those who don't recognize it.)

Step 3: "Discuss your goals with other people. Recent conversations with friends and business associates reminded me how effective this strategy is to re-energize our commitment. And remember to have these conversations throughout the year as a regular 'boost'."

Chasing success doesn't have to be hard - if we can be SMART about it.

Click here for more on Kelley and his work.

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