Thursday, April 13, 2006

Meet the New Web

"It's fashionable now to laugh at the great Tech Boom of 1998-2000. All that hype about the Net, stock prices and VCs tripping over each other to give too much money to companies with too few customers..."

That’s the way I started out my PROFIT column this month on the new Web boom. But I came to the conclusion that what’s happening now is pretty significant – and pretty exciting. This time, the power is in what individuals can do with the Web, not what the Web can do for (or to) us.

“In the Web 2.0 spirit, it's about personalization and connecting, not simply the provision of a prepackaged commodity to aggregated online markets.”

It’s a pretty good read, I think. Why not check it out online at the PROFIT/Canadian Business website by clicking here.

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