Friday, April 28, 2006

Ontario Rocks!

Yesterday’s Ontario Global Traders awards luncheon in North Bay was one of the best. The winners – from all over Northern Ontario – were terrific success stories, and their acceptance/thank you speeches were heartfelt and in some cases quite moving.

Since I was on stage the whole time as MC, I couldn’t take notes. But you can read about the winners here.

It was particularly fun when Jeff Borer of McLaren’s Bay Mica Stone Quarries in Redbridge, Ont., came to the podium, held up a big hunk of red granite and yelled, “Ontario rocks!” Jeff brought the house down, even if he did leave tiny, sharp crumbs of red grit all over my script.

And I particularly liked a comment by Partnerships winner Brent Bywater, of North Bay importer Vested Interest Trading. He said he doesn’t mind tough times, because he knows it will knock some of his competitors and make life easier for his firm in the long term. Talk about winning attitudes!

The provincial finals awards take place May 31 in Toronto. You can read all about the program and the other regional award winners by clicking here.

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