Monday, April 10, 2006

Welcome 5,000th Visitor!

Sometime today, Canadian Entrepreneur will record its 5,000th visitor. Considering all the noise on the Internet, that's a pretty awesome number.

Of course, it's not about traffic. Blogging is about getting new conversations going, and I appreciate all those who have turned my one-way monologuing into enlightening discussions.

And for those who silently read and lurk, keep on reading - but feel welcome to make a comment, in this or any other blog you frequent. Because that is where the value really lies - in sparking new conversation and relationships.

And while it's not about traffic, I continue to be thrilled by the international scale of the visitors to this site. The picture above is a map of where the last 100 visitors to this site come from. As you'll see, we cover every continent. And I (a short-wave radio nut when I was a kid) find the idea of yakking about entrepreneurship to people from Eastern Europe and Mongolia very exciting.

Thank you for visiting and for passing the word about this site. The countdown to 10,000 has begun!

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