Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Fire sale at EDC

Export Development Canada is a rare bird - a Crown corporation that makes money, a government-owned body that actually helps business.

And now it's acting more like a real business than ever - it's holding a half-price sale.

From now till June 28, you can access EDC's online EXPORT Check at 50% off.

EXPORT Check is an easy way to obtain valuable financial information on potential U.S. or foreign customers. It's a key step before signing any export deal. Prices now start at just $30 until June 28.

EDC, whose mandate includes encouraging more Canadian businesses to export, calls EXPORT Check "a consistent way for everyone involved in sales to decide which potential leads to pursue first," and "fast and easy 24/7 access to valuable information."

Use EXPORT Check from anywhere to evaluate potential customers. For more info visit http://edclist.edc.ca/t/105486/192572/1776/0/ .
(You can also see a sample "credit profile" to preview what your money buys you.)

For more info on exporting, check out http://www.export.ca/

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