Friday, June 09, 2006

Off-Target Marketing

Catherine McQuaid is a Toronto-based business-development with a new approach to selling to big business. I liked it so much I asked her to speak on it at the Visa Canada Small Business/Big Thinking conference on Monday (June 12).

If you can't make it, at least you can read her theories online. I wrote about Catherine and her journey in my column in the June issue of PROFIT, which has just been put online. Click here for the full story.

For those who hate to leave this site, here's Catherine's insight in a nutshell: "Don't go to the decision-maker." Enlist his or her assistant in the process. (That's why I call it off-target marketing.)

If you call the switchboard to ask for the CEO's phone number or e-mail address, McQuaid warns, you may be pegged as a nuisance. Ask for the number of the support person, and you'll likely get through.

For the rest of the story, click this way.
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