Thursday, June 29, 2006

Wanted: Dragon Food

I posted earlier about the new CBC program, Dragon's Den, which is picking up a lot of buzz as it wings its way toward its August taping and its October debut.

The show features real business owners and financiers deciding whether or not to really invest in real entrepreneurial ventures - which I guess is why they call this reality TV.

The CBC, with what seems like a pretty health budget, is crossing the country looking for fodder -- er, victims, er, innovators -- to pitch their ideas to the 5-member Dragon panel.

The lineup:
Victoria, Calgary, Ottawa, Halifax: July 6th
St John's, Nfld., Montreal, Edmonton: July 7
Vancouver: July 7 and 8
Winnipeg: July 10

For more info on time and place, see

Oh, they did Kingston and Waterloo today.

A big shoutout to the Kingston Economic Development Commission, which stole, I mean borrowed, liberally from my blog in their email anouncing the auditions. Quoting and Linking are fine, guys. Plagiarism is not.
(Thanks to Lukas and Optimus Crime for the heads-up.)

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Anonymous said...

Hey Rick,

Thanks for your continued coverage. Sorry that Kingston ripped you off :)

JUST and FYI, I've just started posting potential pitchers and asking for audience feedback. When I saw your post, I thought you might dig partipating.