Thursday, May 29, 2008

Great Marketing Resources

Get more sales!
Here are a few useful marketing resources and tipsheets that have wended my way this week:

How to create a winning domain: Toronto copywriter Simon Smith advises how to name your website, promote your brand, and win traffic through search engines. A good primer or a useful refresher.

Tagline Tips: MarketingProfs opine on how to create a unique and bold tagline for your business. They say your tagline should:
* Represent the spirit of your brand.
* Apply specifically to you, and not to anyone else.
* Involve risk: an unexpected rhyme, word choice or attitude.
* and Speak to your target audience, and aim to prompt an action.
Click here for more.

36 Blogs on Brand Experience: Fun reading from Sean Moffit’s BuzzCanuck blog. Because success starts with your customer’s experience.

I didn't make it to the Mesh Conference last week on Social Media Marketing. It’s the always interesting coming together of social mediopaths trying to guide us through the brave new world of blogs, podcasts, web video and online brand-building. For a look back at the future of marketing, check out co-organizer Mathew Ingram’s blogpost here. It sums up where you can find summaries, videos, liveblogs and even Twitter Posts of this year’s Mesh presentations.

In the digital future, everything lives forever.

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