Friday, October 24, 2008

The PROFIT Small Business Show

Mark your calendar for Nov. 13, when PROFIT Magazine beams a top-notch business conference directly to your desktop.

The PROFIT Small Business Show presents four dynamic speakers on business trends you need to know. Their goal: to give you the motivation and tools you need to grow your business. And it’s all FREE.

Starting at 10 am (EST) on Nov. 13, you will hear from:

Mike Lipkin, President of Environics/Lipkin
Keeper of the Flame: How to Inspire Other on the Cusp of Change

Lipkin helps you understand and execute the 10 steps to being a Keeper of The Flame. Examples: someone who goes first; someone with a heightened awareness of his impact on others; someone who is his own best coach; someone in total sync with her environment; someone embedded with the authority of both competence and character; someone who inspires others to be their personal best.

Jaynie L. Smith, Founder and President of Smart Advantage
Competitive Advantage: Is Yours a Hit or a Myth?

According to Smith, 95% of CEOs do not know their company’s true competitive advantage. She will provide the backbone of a new strategic planning, sales and marketing campaign that depends on clearly defined competitive advantages and not just the undifferentiated company “strengths” that most businesses claim to have.

Brian Beaulieu, Economist, Institute for Trend Research
The Future of Your Business: Economic Road Signs You Need to See
As one of North America’s most outspoken, entertaining and accurate economic forecasters, Brian can help you plan confidently for your company’s future, protect your business from economic threats and jump on opportunities.

Andrew Patricio, Partner, BizLaunch
How To Promote Your Business on the Internet
Discover how to develop an online strategy to help you bring in more customers, boost productivity, and save money using tools Web tools such as search engine optimization and LinkedIn.

POWER PANEL: Secrets of Success
Featuring CEOs from the PROFIT 100 Hall of Fame
* Tony Lacavera, President & CEO, Globalive Communications;
* Rebecca MacDonald, Co-Founder, Chair & CEO, Energy Savings Group of Companies
* John Nemanic, Director, GeeksForLess & TransGaming Technologies

You can also participate in a special Networking Lounge. Meet your peers, chat live with other entrepreneurs, exchange business cards and participate in discussion boards. I don't know how it will work, but it seems a great way to combine the convenience of online with the networking you need. Give it a shot, and see if it works. Maybe this is the future of conferencing!

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