Thursday, March 12, 2009

Communicate again

I got an email today (or is it tomorrow there already?) from a consultant in Australia commenting on my column last month on change management.

He mentioned that he's involved in a major technology implementation for an enterprise level client in Brisbane.

"Tight timeframes, limited resources, client has undergone massive changes over the past 5 years – many people fatigued by technology…however, we’ve been executing well…key for us as a Chg Mgmt Team is to communicate…communicate and communicate…"

I think his three-part success formula is spot-on. Just when you get tired of communicating your message is usually when people most need to hear it again.

It reminded me of the two success tips I heard a few years ago from an entrepreneur who had just won a Global Traders Award in Ontario: "You have to overcommunicate. And you have to overcommunicate."

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