Thursday, March 19, 2009

New form of financing spotted!

This week’s Financial Post column looked at a new form of finance: purchase-order financing. It’s geared to manufacturers and distributors that deal in "durable” goods and have solid relationships with sound customers.

While expensive, purchase-order financing will be of special interest to companies that have tapped out conventional credit sources and need additional credit to land new orders or big accounts. Jim Reddon of Toronto-based Intuitive Capital calls PO financing “probably the earliest-stage and most aggressive kind of [non-equity] financing you can find.”
Read the full story here.

Bonus: In tough times, tapping your employees for bold new ideas may be your best growth strategy. My column in the latest issue of PROFIT explains how to start and run your own skunkworks – a team dedicated to brave new projects. You can learn how to “kick up a stink” here.

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