Thursday, June 11, 2009

Go ahead - be unfair!

Here’s a new recession-fighting strategy: Dominate your market by being unfair to your competition.

Burlington, Ont. consultant and speaker George Torok, the guru of Power Marketing, has written an article advising you to create so much value for your clients that your competition will scream, "Not fair!"

How can you be more unfair to your competition? George offers five tips:

1. Offer more value than your competition.

2. Break some "unwritten" industry rule. (Find a technology that lets you take the lead, such as 24-hour ordering.)

3. Educate your clients about your industry. (Example: make a list of tough questions for buyers to ask your competitors when they shop around).

4. Form alliances with sellers of related services.

5. Criticize your competition. (Consumer testing enabled Pepsi to claim it tasted better than Coke.)

You can read George’s full article here, or click here to check out his other articles.

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