Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Worzel, part 4: Technology

"Facebook changed the complexion of the American election."
"Ten years ago, Microsoft dominated the software business. Apple was a dying company..."

Over the next year, the rate of change will accelerate, as computing power is still increasing faster than ever. Big changes coming in robotics, automation. (Google HRP-4c.)

"Robots today are like toddlers that have just fgured out how to stand up and take few steps. They are going to get bettter and better... In the next few years you will see them coming into the workplace and the home."

"The changes of the next 10 years will be at least twice as dramatic as in the last 10 years."

Big changes coming in marketing. If you're not on Facebook, you are writing off everyone in their 30s and below.

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