Thursday, June 25, 2009

No more sacred cows

Toronto branding consultants Blueprint recently held a “Leaders’ Lunch” with executives and leaders from business, politics, philanthropy and the arts. The topic: what will business look like on the other side of the recession?

(It’s like they’ve been reading my recent Post columns.)

Here are some of the findings, as supplied by Blueprint.

The shock to businesses will create unprecedented change (where most companies have for decades been content with the status quo)

* Businesses have let internal barriers or external market conditions inhibit their will to make tough decisions; the severity of this recession has given them “permission” to eliminate sacred cows

Consumers will continue to become more demanding faster than the rate at which business changes to meet their needs
* any trends toward austerity during the recession will reverse as consumer confidence returns

Companies are becoming more open to non-traditional ways of doing business (e.g., they will leverage partnerships more often, and become more open to non-traditional methodologies)

* Increasing numbers of women at top levels will result in a more collaborative approach to business

Implications for your business:
- Is your business really changing fast enough to keep up with your customers’ changing needs?
- Does your organization believe that perceived barriers are real?
- Do your people have the courage to challenge sacred cows?

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