Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Best in Business Blogging

The following are the business blogs that have been nominated (or nominated themselves) from the Best Business Blog award at the 2006 Canadian Blog Awards.

Feel free to visit them all and see what kind of all-star bloggers Canada has to offer. (Go ahead, click on through, I won’t mind.)

A Canadian Econoview --- B(abble)log --- BPWrap --- Canadian Entrepreneur --- CEO Blog --- Digital Life News --- Market Insight --- My Name Is Kate --- Social Media Group Corporate Blogging --- StayGoLinks --- The Other Bloke's Blog --- Thomas Purves --- Uninstalled --- Vancouver Housing Market Blog --- We're Not Wired Right --- Worthwhile Canadian Initiative

You can vote for your favourite blogs starting Nov. 25. Check here for more details.

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1 comment:

maggiefox said...

Hi Rick - thanks so much for your mention of the Social Media Group blog. It's an honour to have been nominated!