Friday, November 10, 2006

Leave your laptop at home!

Yesterday’s technology marvel, today’s sack of potatoes.
IT World Canada has just published a useful story on leaving your notebook computer behind next time you travel for business.

Imagine – napping on the plane without feeling guilty about not going over those spreadsheets! (If that’s too daring, just print out a hard copy for reading in the departure lounge.)

The story looks at breakthroughs in mobility technology that allow you to be just as productive using someone else’s computer while you're away. A lot of intriguing ideas, such as using your iPod to store data and Internet settings. You retrieve them by hooking it up to a remote computer, say, at your hotel’s business centre.

Other suggestions:

* Find out if the airport(s) you’ll be using has its own computer-equipped business centre;
* Access the files you need through online data-storage services such as Mozy;
* Access your home computer from anywhere using the subscription service GoToMyPC
(a great product that has certainly saved my bacon a few times).

Check out the story here.

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