Sunday, November 12, 2006

The Dragon of Choice is... Robert!

I must owe somebody some money.

Before the launch of Dragons' Den, I predicted to several people that Laurence Lewin of La Senza would be the breakout star of the show (after the always acerbic Kevin O'Leary, of course, since he already has his own show, on ROB TV).

But Laurence's dapper English accent and aristocratic manner haven't measured up to Robert Herjavec's charm and goodwill. Acording to a highly un-scientific survey (reviewing the Google search terms that lead people to this site), Herjavec is the man. This blog has received scores of visitors who came seeking info on Herjavec. We've had very few hits from anyone looking for the other dragons.

In fact, people seem to take a personal interest in Robert, the man with the custom-built, 50,000-sq-ft Bridle Path house. Just today one person came to this site by way of a search for "Robert Herjavec + age," and another looked up "Robert Herjavec + school."

Whatever can it mean?

BTW, Dragons returns this Wednesday with a repeat of the first show (which launched with scant fanfare and drew poor ratings). The following week, a special episode looks back at some of the most colourful entrepreneurial pitchers, as well as the deals the dragons made. I've heard that one of them, as would be appropriate with such fire-breathing people around, went down in flames.

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