Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Who would you like to hear?

This is a call for your help. Yet it could win you a brand-new Canadian Entrepreneur coffee mug!

Let's say someone (not me, thanks for asking) was to start a podcasting service featuring short, insightful interviews with North America's leading entrepreneurs.

Who would you most want to listen to?
What entrepreneur or business leader would you want to hear?

In other words, if you could get insider tips and advice from any two or three top business leaders, who would you most like to hear?

Even if you've never listened to a podcast, your opinion is important. This isn't about technology. It's about who has the right stuff to attract an audience of busy entrepreneurs.

Please let me know who you would like to hear from. You may leave a Comment below, or contact me by email at rick (a) rickspence.ca

In return for your generosity, everyone who responds by Nov 28 (UPDATE: Deadline extended to Dec. 6!) will be entered into a draw to win the first-ever Canadian Entrepreneur coffee mug - a $20 value! (Suitable for regifting.)

Thanks for your help. I really would like to hear your opinions.


Anonymous said...

I guess Bill Gates is out of he question...?

Anonymous said...

How about Jim Pattison, Bruce Saville, Jim Hole, Cal Nichols, Sean Neville, Salim Khoja, Wayne Miller.

IMO the key is not so much who you interview but the quality of the questions you ask.

Kansas Queen said...

Martha Steward, Russell Simons, Jay-Z and anyone who started their business with a dream and less than $1,000 in their pocket.

Anonymous said...

New insights into tech-related / online content-related start-ups might be interesting (aside from MySpace and YouTube type concepts). What does this look like in 2006? What are tomorrow's trends?
Handol Kim (ex-officer of Canadian Consulate Silicon Valley), Michael Lewkowitz, and other venture-related personalities.

Anonymous said...

Uhhhhh Who started the site niggaspace.com?

webmaster said...

I think Jim Pattison, or Richard Branson would be very interesting. I watched an interview with Richard Branson on ROBTv and he talked about how he was able to work from home while his kids were in the next room. He actually seemed very down to earth regardless of how big his empire is and would seem very interesting to hear how he was able to still be a family man and yet achieve so much.

Anonymous said...

I second Bill Gates! And I want one of those mugs :)

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know who started forgreeks.com?