Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Your best ideas from the PROFIT 100

PROFIT Magazine has posted my new "Bright Ideas" story featuring some of the best practices and best management tips from this year’s PROFIT 100 companies.

You can read the whole story here. Or settle for a blog-friendly summary of my key points:

Open your books
Treat managers like entrepreneurs
Make your business plan matter

Poach for profit
Make your applicants sweat
Try before you buy

Climb the family tree (Leveraging local subsidiaries of international companies to snag international contracts)
Be a night owl (how staying up late can help you get much more done when dealing with Asia)
Disappear the border (Look transparent to U.S. customers)

Treat your culture well
Wear your ethics on your sleeve
Pay—don't delay! (offering quarterly bonuses)

Call in the Army (using celebrity spokesmen)
Make your clients rich (helping clients make the most of your services)
Match sellers with what you're selling (sales strategies)
Pour on the referrals
Party with your partners

Drop your banker, call your buddies (borrowing from your employees)

Click here for the full story.
Unless you think you have nothing to learn from Canada's Fastest-Growing Companies.

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