Monday, June 11, 2007

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What’s new in marketing? How about everything?

With today’s paradigm shifts in communications technology, consumer-media overload and the rise of audience-generated content, smart marketers are questioning everything. The basics of marketing – targeting your audience, grabbing their attention, speaking with authenticity, making a call to action – still work. But today’s changing media and consumer environment is creating whole new opportunities to cut through the clutter and engage with your market.

To explore this further, you should be subscribing to One Degree, a daily, made-in-Canada journal of digital media, now edited by enthusiastic new owner Kate Trgovac. There are few answers here, but lots of food for thought, and great ideas to try.

Here are links to two recent One Degree articles that will get you thinking:

1. In "Eight is Enough: Take-aways from Mesh 2007," Kate logs the best ideas she heard at last month’s Mesh/Web2.0 conference in Toronto. Excerpts:

* “The next big thing - virtual reality environments and mobile.” … To me, this is a clarion call to creativity."
* “Don’t orient to control. Orient to experimentation.” Richard Edelman gave an awesome keynote conversation. I want to paste this on every boardroom wall in the country. Change your philosophy; change your perspective. Control is an illusion. Instead, get people to come along with you as you experiment. Fail, learn, fail again…”
Read more here.

2. A week earlier on One Degree, Internet strategist Bill Sweetman wrote about “15 Cool Things I Learned at the 2007 CMA Annual Convention” (the Canadian Marketing Association’s May conference in Ottawa). Excerpts:
· Marketers need to develop mechanisms to detect and nurture brand ambassadors (i.e., those consumers who will willingly act as promoters).
· “Don’t fear theft of your ideas; fear obscurity.”
· To today’s ‘Net Generation,’ “choice is like oxygen.”
· 74% of bloggers say they are open to receiving product or service information from companies, but only 9% actually do.
Click here for the complete story.

Yes, much of this stuff sounds random, even confusing. But it's well worth exploring. We're talking about a new type of marketing that is more powerful, more immersive, and possibly even cheaper. The fact that so little is proven means there's lots of room for experimentation and breakthroughs.

What's holding you back?

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mynameiskate said...

Hi, Rick! Thanks for the links and plug for One Degree. As you can tell, we're very excited about new marketing over at One Degree and are committed to helping Canadian marketers understand and take advantage of it.