Thursday, June 07, 2007


I just heard that the Toronto Venture Group has gone out of business. (See note below.) Very sad.

I was on the TVG board about 10 years ago, when it was still struggling to reach critical mass in its objective to bring entrepreneurs and growth capital together. In recent years it succeeded in becoming Canada’s pre-eminent forum for introducing venture capitalists to entrepreneurs, and vice-versa. It held many events, made lots of connections, and accomplished much.

The TVG will be missed. But hopefully something equally valuable will take its place.

Here's what you find now at

Effective May 18th, 2007 the Toronto Venture Group has ceased operations. As of the same day a proposal has been filed and all suppliers, sponsors, annual subscribers, members and angels will be receiving a communication package outlining the process that is underway.

The Board of Directors would like to acknowlege the support we have enjoyed over the years from our corporate sponsors, subscribers, members and those who have given so generously of their time as speakers, volunteers and board members. We are proud of our 17 years of service to the industry and we wish all investors, entrepreneurs, business founders and service providers a healthy future of continuous success.

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