Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Dragons' Den flies again

A week ago I suggested the CBC should be rerunning the first season of Dragons’ Den. Well, either they were listening, or I should read the TV listings more closely.

Dragons’ Den returns to the air in tonight and every Wednesday (except when pre-empted by junior soccer games and such), at 8 pm (Eastern time). Even in reruns, it’s worth checking out. It’s great viewing for entrepreneurs wanting to know more about financing, pitching, or just selling (and let’s face it, we could all use better selling skills).

When I moderated a seminar on growth financing last week at the Ontario government’s Wisdom Exchange conference, I asked how many of the folks in the room had been watching Dragons’ Den. 19 of the 20 participants put up their hands.

I know lots of business owners don't watch TV. (I met one yesterday who proudly told me he doesn't even have cable.) But if you're serious about succeeding, about finance, or about improving your communication skills, this show is worth your time.

On tonight’s show (from Two Winnipeg brothers who mortgaged their farm to raise money, asking the dragons to fund their customized gift card business. A Toronto woman tries to sell the Dragons on her plan to open "napping centres" for overtired office workers. An entrepreneur from Edmonton pitches an exercise machine that he thinks will be the next Bowflex. An engineer from Newfoundland tries to sell his plan to generate electricity from tidal power on the coast of Labrador. A London engineer and stay-at-home mom pitches her line of organic salad dressings and food seasonings. A Kingston woman asks the Dragons to invest in her device that tightens Kegel muscles.

I believe this episode also marks the first time that dragon Kevin O’Leary offered to pay a pitcher NOT to start her business.

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