Friday, June 22, 2007

How to contact important people

Every entrepreneur encounters this problem: How do you get important prospects to return your calls?

Andy Nulman, award-winning Montreal entrepreneur and president of wireless content pioneer Airborne Entertainment, discusses this subject in his blog last week.

As a speaker at the Visa Canada small business conference in Montreal June 4, and at many other events, he often hears afterwards from people who want to get in touch - usually to sell him something. So in his June 12 post, he points out what sort of e-mails are likely to garner a resonse from him - and which ones go straight to the trash bin.

His bottom line:
If you're going to try to engage a busy person you just KNOW is being besieged by others, don't be coy. Get to your point, and fast. Do the ask, and do it clearly. Don't play games and try to pique one's curiosity with oblique obscurities.

Sadly, someone from the Montreal conference emailed Andy offering to discuss "various possibilities of business." No way, says Andy.
For to get me off my busy schedule, you had better let me know:
1. What ARE these various possibilities? Give me a clue or two.
2. Why on earth WOULD they interest me?
3. Uh buddy, you emailed me. You wanna sell, you do the contacting!
Thanks for the marketing lesson, Andy.

To read his full post, click here.

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