Monday, September 01, 2008

Best-Ever Entrepreneurship Quotes, Week 100

This is No. 100 in our series of weekly inspirational business quotes. I hope you have enjoyed this series; you can never have enough motivation. In fact, you can re-read any entry in this series any time by browsing though our archives).

We conclude this series with an observation from John W. Dafoe, greatest of Canadian newspaper editors, as well as a publisher, statesman and canny marketer. Born in "Canada West" near Ottawa before Confederation, he watched the country grow up and assume the responsibilties of nationhood through his 43-year stint as editor of the Winnipeg Free Press. (He died in harness in 1944, stll editing the paper at age 78.)

Perhaps only a Western Canadian, filled with boundless optimism, could have said, as he did in the middle of the Dirty Thirties, "The future will be what we make it." But such a sentiment is surely the hallmark of our greatest entrepreneurs.

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Anonymous said...

Great quote! It's true in all aspects of life.

I'll miss this series dearly...