Sunday, September 07, 2008

Coming Monday: Entrepreneur of the Week!

I've been dropping hints about the new Monday series that will replace the "Best Ever" Motivational Quotes we've been running for the past two years.

The new series is: Entrepreneur of the Week. A weekly salute to a Canadian business owner or innovator who has captured our imagination (or the headlines).

It's a bit of a gamble - but we think we can find someone worthy of the title every week. Your suggestions and nominations will always be welcome. Just email rick (at)

How will we choose them? An Entrepreneur of the Week must embody most of these seven entrepreneurial traits and values:

* Innovation
* Success
* Risk-Taking
* Creativity
* Growth
* Strategy
* Impact

We'll see you Monday for our first Entrepreneur of the Week. This owner's story will be as dramatic as it inspiring.

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