Friday, September 19, 2008

Time for a motivational check-up?

Early birds save money at the SOHO Business Conference and Expo, coming up soon in Toronto (Oct. 1) and Vancouver (Oct. 15).

Both conferences feature a main presentation on “The Future of Marketing on the Internet,” by Kerry Munro, general manager of Yahoo! Canada. Their major afternoon speaker will be Kyle MacDonald, a B.C. blogger who captured the world's attention when he set out to trade a single red paper-clip for a house. Fourteen trades and countless stories later, he succeeded – demonstrating the power of vision, building relationships, and thinking big.

Some portions of the conferences, including seminars and trade show, are free if you pre-register ($25 at the door).

The Toronto conference, held this year at the Westin Prince Hotel in North York, includes freebie presenters such as the amazing Michel Neray (“Everything Starts With a Conversation, Including Your Next Sale!”), Shane Lawrence of TD Bank (“Proven Techniques To Improve Your Cash Flow”), Rory (“Find your Magic Number”) Sheehan, and Elizabeth Williams on “Telecommunication Technologies and Trends: How All that Annoying Stuff Your Kids Use Can Actually Help Your Business.”

Let’s face it. You could use a boost of business motivation. You need a personal recharge day. Your vision is probably in need of a check-up. And you really should improve your understanding of today’s newest marketing tools.

What’s stopping you?
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